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    Beautiful Scenery & National Park in Arctic Circle

    Nahanni National Park

    By Simpson Air & Nahanni Mountain Lodge

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    Nahanni National Park Reserve in the Dehcho Region of the Northwest Territories, Canada, approximately 500 km west of Yellowknife, protects a portion of the Mackenzie Mountains Natural Region. In 2007 the park was voted one of the Seven Wonders of Canada. In the Nahanni National Park Packages, the guide will bring customer to a lot of wonderful place in the park, such as: Virginia Falls, Glacier Lake, Moose River, Rabbitkettle Hotsprings Paddling Trip, and Moose Ponds Paddling Trip. That can be an amazing adventure you've never had!

    National Park Day Trip

    By Simpson Air

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    Choosing the Virginia Falls tour package will bring you from Yellowknife to the Nahanni National Park in a helicopter. The guide will host a day of sightseeing for you. You will get to experience Nahanni’s, Virginia Falls, which are double the height of Niagara Falls! After landing at the falls, they will have lunch and snacks provided for you. At this point it invites you to walk around and explore, while you witness Mother Nature at her finest!

    Arctic Photography Adventure


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    This tour offers you an exciting opportunity to develop your digital photographic abilities with a professional photographer while capturing the stunning beauty of the North. The seven-day program gives you the opportunity to photo shoot northern, migratory wildlife and birds, including barrenground caribou, grizzly bears, tundra swans and peregrine falcons. it is discovering the intricate beauty of the tundra and learning about the history of early explorers as well as aboriginal people who travelled through this area.

    Arctic Lake Fishing Tour

    By Blue Fish Services

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    The northern part of Canada is famous for those frozen lakes and islands which left from Ice Age. Come to the yellow knife and join in the fishing tour, it will take you to those lakes around the city of Yellowknife. It is rich in fishery resources around this area, the guide can find a lot place for fishing. You may see more specious of fish than you see at other place, such as Great Northern Pike, Giant Lake Trout, Lake White Fish, Arctic Char, Burbot (Cod), Inconnu and Pickerel. It is really paradise of the fishing lovers.

    Hiking & Wildlife Viewing

    By Strong Interpretation

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    Join the summer hiking and wild life viewing tour, the guide will tell you how to recognize plant, animal, medicine herb, and stones in the wild. The guide will tell you stories about the nature and aboriginal culture and history. This tour will bring you to lakes around Yellowknife to see different species of animal and plants. That's really an exciting experience you will never forget!

    Arctic Lake Lodge Package

    By Blachford Lake Lodge

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    Blachford Lake Lodge is a remote fly-in only wilderness lodge, that offers ideal Aurora viewing conditions. With the absence of artificial light, a perfect location at 62 degrees north, and a facility built specially for Aurora viewing. Enjoy an exclusive, front row seat for nature's own light show outside your window. Choose one of our viewing decks, the hot tub with the million dollar view, or the Aurora sized windows in the main lodge. All inclusive Aurora packages from Yellowknife including return air charter, all meals and accommodations, use of recreational gear, and our signature Aurora Watch service.

    Helicopter Day Tour

    By Summit Helicopter

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    Helicopters are widely used as a common means of transport in the mountains of northern Canada. Come to the helicopter tour, it will take you to a different helicopter air trip experience. With taking a helicopter, it will show you the old town of Yellowknife in the air. It is easier to recognize building and attractions on the ground. You can see the beautiful scenery from a different angle of the earth. Except the city tour, you can also choose other packages outside the city for adventure. The pilots will be exciting with bring you farther for an amazing and magical adventure trip.