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    Traditional Lifestyle in Northern Canada

    Aurora Hunting Tour

    By Destination NWT

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    Come Aurora Hunting with one of the best Aurora tour companies in the world. We will drive you to different locations for aurora viewing. With this tour, you can have an exciting adventure experience are the same time when you looking for aurora.


    Aurora Viewing Tour

    By Multiple Supplier

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    This tour also offers another option for aurora viewing tour. This tour usually takes 4.5 hrs (depends on season), it will be an unforgettable and exciting adventure experience.


    Summer :23:00 pm ~ 03:30 am
    Winter : 21:00 pm ~ 01:30 am



    Luxury Photo Tour




    Northwest Canada is known as one of the world's most beautiful areas, with the most odd aurora, the most clean bright stars, the richest animal and plant resources, and the most strong geographical landscape. Join in the high-end photography tour, It will Lead you to the best place for taking photo in this province. This tour will also make some special plan, which depends on the season to make sure everyone enjoy their trip.

    Snowmobile Tour

    By Northern Frontier Adventure

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    Trough Northern Frontier Adventure Snowmobile Tour, you will have an experience to have a race with the wind! It provide the newest & best model Skidoo (per rider, regardless driver or tandem) 2017 Skidoo Sports Ace 600 Four Stroke Engine Push automatic start (no more pulling on cord) Governor present for maximum safety, It offers the safest snowmobile experience. The guide will lead through 5 to 8 snow path and the wilderness to the frozen lakes.

    Heated Ice Fishing

    By Arctic Fishing

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    The Arctic Fishing Tour will let you to be close with the aboriginal culture. In the past, native Canadian has ever fishing for food trough this way. For now, ice-fishing become one of the most popular activities in Canada. As traditional way for ice-fishing is so cold, it improved this and bring the warm ice-fishing shacks to customers. They can stay in their shacks, have some tea with their friend, talking with local tour guide, and of course they can do the ice-fishing at the same time! It will be an unforgettable 3 hrs native experience in your memory of Yellowknife.

    City Tour

    By Multiple Supplier

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    The city tour offers 3 types of city tour: bus tour, helicopter tour, and old town walking tour. You can choose any of each tour to spend your time with watching attractions in Yellowknife. Take the time and find the best way for yourself!


    Dog Sledding Tour


    By Enodah Wilderness

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    Enodah Dog Sledding had ever been the way of transportation for native Canadian. When you travel to Yellowknife, dog sledding is the activity you should never miss. The dogs are cute and friendly. Watch the world whiz by from the comfort of the traditional sleds as the dogs work together to take you on an exhilarating and safe ride along the beautiful wooded trail. Or if you are eager to give driving your own team a try, after receiving basic instructions from the musher of course, you can also drive your own dog.




    By Strong Interpretation

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    The boreal forest has many stories to tell from the ancient rocks of the Canadian Shield to the youthful forest that rides on its back to the footprints of a snowshoe hare followed by those of a lynx.


    Season: Winter, Early Spring
    Special Considerations: Please come dressed for the weather, including warm footwear.


    By Roberson's Taxidermy

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    BOOKING FOR 2018


    Robertson's Taxidermy is the preserving of an animal's body via stuffing or mounting for the purpose of display or study. In this activity you can visit the arctic animal specimens museum and then do your own specimens follow the steps with taxidermist, if you like you can pay a little and take away the specimens made by yourself. Much much fun during this three hours.